A TinEye image verification success story!


Wirestock scaled up. Manually verifying images didn’t.

Wirestock helps photographers sell their images 100 times faster by submitting their images to the largest marketplaces such as Adobe, Shutterstock, Alamy and more, in seconds!

Images uploaded to the content platforms needed verification for copyright and originality and doing that manually was not going to scale. They needed a solution.


The TinEye API turbo-charged Wirestock’s image verification process

As Wirestock’s image submissions from photographers grew, manual verification created bottlenecks. Rather than scaling their human reviewers, Wirestock spent a few days integrating the TinEye API to automate verifications.

Using the TinEye API, Wirestock was able to quickly integrate image verification into their workflow, allowing them to continue helping photographers sell their images while ensuring that they submit high-quality, original images to their stock image partners.

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Automating with TinEye helped Wirestock grow

TinEye helped Wirestock automate and streamline their image verification, detect tens of thousands of duplicate submissions, eliminate fraudulent images and scale their business.

Since integrating the TinEye API, Wirestock has been able to automatically manage their image verification workflows and focus on what matters most: their users and international growth.

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“We integrated the TinEye API into our workflow and were able to quickly automate our image verification. No other image verification solution was able to detect images on the web with such accuracy and speed even when the images were modified. TinEye’s ability to also identify images that are stock photographs is a cornerstone of our verification system..”

Mikayel KhachatryanCEO of Wirestock.io

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